Beauty Stalking @Walgreens

My name is Lo’Real and I am a beauty stalker!!! 
Don’t judge me because I KNOW I’m not the only one out there #IWillWait….lol. 
If its new, hard to find, limited edition, highly pigmented, gorgeous, etc….I’m going to find it whether it be online, in-stores, social media…..well you get my point!!!! LOL. I went into Walgreens for 1 thing, and just could not walk out the door without walking through the cosmetics section….Smh. There were so many new products….I just had to touch and snap a pic of them all as I went from display to display. 
Check out the pics below….. 

beauty browsing at Walgreens

Iman Lipsticks and Lipliners
5 shades available in each
Retail $9.99
(The display has mini lipstick testers, so that you can swatch them to see what they each will look like. I am not a fan of the lipliners. They look “harsh” as if they will harm my lips trying to apply…lol!! Now you KNOW I just had to swatch those lippies….so purty!!)
Swatches of the new Iman Lipsticks
Now you KNOW I just had to swatch those lippies….so purty!! Oops…I didn’t realize I forgot to swatch one the lipsticks in the display. Sorry beauties

Iman CC Correct & Cover
Powder to Creme Concealer w/Skin Tone Evener
5 shades available 
Black Radiance BB Creams
5 shades available
Retail $5.99

(The display has testers so that you can match up the bb cream with your skin tone.)
Black Radiance Dynamic Duo Balm & Gloss
4 shades available
Retail $3.99 (has a $1.00 coupon on each lippie Final cost: $2.99)
(Umm…maybe I should have snapped a pic BEFORE I took my 3 favs out of the display lol….Pics and swatches coming soon)
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundations, Powders, and Primers
Stay Foundations $5.49/ Primer $5.49/ Powders ???
($1.00 off coupon on the display Final Cost $4.49)
8 shades available in the foundations; unsure of how many shades there are for the powders
Covergirl Pastel collection
Retail Lipsticks $8.29 /Nail polishes $5.99
Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes
Includes a Free Lash Glue
Retail $3.99
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish
Retail $1.69

15 shades available
Essie Nail polishes and Quick Dry drops
Retail Nail Polishes $8.00/ Quick Dry Drops $10.00

Well, thats enough stalking for now……
Have any of you come across any of these products at your local Walgreens, etc?
Hugs & Lipsticks!!!!

(Originally posted: 1/22/2014) 

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