Smell me…It’s National Fragrance Day!

I could not let the day end without acknowledging such a good-smelling occasion...National Fragrance Day! My addiction to fragrances use to be really bad. I had an entire shelf of fragrances, and 2nd shelf  full of scents from Bath & Body Works smh. I've since put a halt on adding more to the collection....for now (maybe [...]

Betty Boop Now at MAC

I am a true ride or die fan of Betty Boop, so it took me no time to get on the MAC website for more details once I learned about the launch. I seriously had to go into a Betty Boop shopping rehab once upon a time because I was buying everything with her face [...]

Bdellium Tools’ Tapered Makeup brushes

Want to apply and blend your makeup flawlessly? Then you must get your hands on these amazing tapered makeup brushes by Bdellium tools. I cannot live without my Bdellium Tools brushes. After getting my 1st Bdellium tools brush at The Makeup Show Orlando blogger preview, I haven't been able to stop ordering these babies. On my [...]

How To Preserve Your Pretty with All Caps

Hey Beauties! Have you ever had hair rollers in your hair, and wished you had a shower cap or sleep bonnet at night to protect your tresses? Look no further I just may have the solution for you. I got the chance to try out a new hair cap,  All Caps, that promises to preserve every hair style [...]