Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding

Curl Defining Pudding  

This moisturizing butter made of mango and olive oil gives frizz control, bounce, and definition for soft elongated curl texture. Perfect for curly, kinky-coily, and frizz textures to soften, silken, and moisturize leaving your curls feeling like silk.

Styling uses:

Excellent for fingerstyles, 2 strand twists, and spiral rod sets. Transitioners can apply to blend textures. Texturizers can define curls and waves. 


Apply liberally to clean conditions hair. Apply using fingers or wide tooth comb to evenly distribute from roots to the ends of your hair. Allow your curls to air dry. For maximum curl elongation repeat process above twice and air dry.
Truth on the Glamisphere….
I love Elasta QP products especially their new line that contains Olive Oil & Mango Butter. This curl defining pudding defined my curls as it promised. I love how creamy it is, and that it is not a heavy product at all.  I do NOT like products that are heavy…it reminds of the “blue magic” grease days. Lol! 
I applied it as if I was going to wear my hair in a wash n go style, just to see how defined my curls would be. I was impressed if I must say so. I wasn’t planning to style it that way, so I began to 2-strand twisting my hair all over. They dried nicely, moisturized, and had lots of shine. I will continue to use this product, and I would recommend others to try out this product as well as others from this line.
  • Product Size: 425g/15 oz
  • Cost: $5.99 (varies based upon store and location)
  • Purchase at: WalgreensWalmart, CVS, and Target
  • Rating: ♥♥♥♥
“Glam is Fierce on the Glamisphere”

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