Me Luv Coko Butta!!!

Coko Butta

Beauties, I absolutely must share with you all a site full of handmade hair and skincare products.  I literally stalk @coko_butta’s IG page and website all the time. She has some amazing hair and skincare products on her website that are for ALL skin and hair types..oily, blemished, kinky, curly, men, women, etc.

The description of each product, their ingredients, and how to use them properly are thoroughly explained on her website. She even has a message line during business hours that you can contact her to ask specific questions about the products, etc.
I could not make up my mind about which products I wanted to order initially. So I was ecstatic when she posted a pic of a sampler box that she offers occasionally called the Cupcake Sample Goody Box.

The Cupcake Sample Goody Box contains:

  • Buttacream (2oz)
  • Butterscotch Smoothie (2oz)
  • Drench Aloe and ACV spritz (2oz)
  • Sweet Potato Pie Facial Polisher (2oz)
  • Gimme Suga Lip Scrub
  • Coko Almond Blemish Free bar

I also added a few more products to my order….
  • Bikini Line (heart-shaped feminine bar)
  • Pure Hair Growth Oil
  • Pure Black Soap(8 oz)

Truth on the Glamisphere….

Let me say this….EVERYTHANG I ordered smells and works just like she promises on her site.  I can’t wait to order more Coko Butta products!!  So whether you are a natural beauty transitioning, already natural, and/or having skin care issues……this is the site to order from. You will not be disappointed….I promise!! I’ll be sure to post product reviews of each of the items I have received soon.

“Glam is Fierce on the Glamisphere”

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