Milani’s Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliners

Ultrafine Liquid Eye Liner

· Emerald Glisten · Black Gems · Prismatic Purple · Sparkling Turquoise

OMG…Have any of you beauties seen these amazing eyeliners floating around on any of the social media sites, or at any of your local drugstores? I saw them on Instagram, and was determined to go on a mission to find and purchase them all!! I loooovvve Milani’s products. They are always satisfying, true to color, long lasting, and the list goes on.

I recently purchased these at my local CVS, and to my surprise they only had 2 left of each color. Guess I wasn’t the only one wanting these to add to my collection….lol. I purchased 4 colors out of the 5:

Milani says that these amazing Ultrafine felt-tip pointed liquid eyeliners are all…..

  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof
  • Sparkling Intense color
  • Long-lasting
  • ……Removable with any eye makeup remover

Truth on the Glamisphere…..

These eyeliners are a MUST have. I wanted to see if Milani was really being truthful about these eyeliners being smudge proof, long lasting, etc. So I put them to the test…. I swatched them all on my hand, and allowed the eyeliners to dry for about 15 minutes. I washed my hands, rubbed the swatches back and forth with my finger, put on lotion, and these babies did not fade or wash off. So YES they are waterproof (check), smudge proof (check), long-lasting (check)….With the watery sensitive eyes that I have, I definitely need to stock up on these.
FYI…..I washed my hands more than 10 times and applied lotion repeatedly, and the swatches did NOT budge or fade!!

Sparkling Turquoise Black Gems

Emerald GlistenPrismatic Purple

  • Cost: $7.39-7.99 each (prices vary by stores)
  • Store/Online: CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart 
  • Rating: ♥♥♥♥
“Glam is Fierce on the Glamisphere”

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