How To Preserve Your Pretty with All Caps

Hey Beauties! Have you ever had hair rollers in your hair, and wished you had a shower cap or sleep bonnet at night to protect your tresses? Look no further I just may have the solution for you. I got the chance to try out a new hair cap,  All Caps, that promises to preserve every hair style no matter the hair type nor length.

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A Multi-use beauty tool designed to protect and preserve your hairstyle in the shower, while you sleep, during spa treatments, and more. The All Caps cap has a silky interior fabric that is so soft and smooth, you can sleep in it or wear the cap overnight to maintain hair style.


  • Comfortable, custom fit
  • Suits all hair types and lengths
  • Reversible design
  • Machine washable
  • Keeps hairstyle virtually untouched

Fuller, Flexible Shape Accommodates all hair types, styles, and lengths thanks to its custom-designed shape and extra length, which prevents hair kinks and creases and provides better protection.

Exterior Soft, whisper-quiet, and environmentally friendly PolyUrethane is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and fungus-resistant.

Microfiber Band Insanely absorbent AKAbSorb microfiber terry keeps your hairline nice and dry.


Adjustable Sides Easy stretch chords and toggles allow you to adjust the circumference of the cap for a custom, comfortable fit.

Top Loops and Buttons Strategically placed elastic loops hook onto the front buttons to help adjust the length and lift the cap up off your neck-without disturbing your hairstyle.

Interior Silky, low-friction fabric helps prevent breakage reduces static, and protects hair from creasing or falling flat.


For hair masks and treatments, turn the cap inside out, so the silky black material is on the outside and the silver waterproof material is on inside.

Truth on the Glamisphere

I’m definitely preserving my pretty with the All Caps cap! It is an oversized reversible cap that I have been using when taking a shower, and also at bedtime. I do not like anything touching my neck when Im sleeping, so I was glad to know that the caps also have a way to bring the cap up off your neck.

I initially thought that the cap was going to be hot for me at night or hanging on my neck…which i hate. NOT! I took a shower using the cap with the shiny side of the cap on the outside, and my edges and mane were protected. No swelling or curling up. It comes in a case that they recommend keeping the cap inside of once it has dried from any exposure to moisture, etc. The cap has 2 buttons that you attach the cords around to bring the cap off of your neck…Whoop Whoop #Winner!!

Cost: $52.00

Purchase In-store/Online:

What are you using to protect your pretty??

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