Silkn ReVit Microderm System

Silk'N ReVit MicroDerm What is ReVit ?? A dual action therapy device combining, Dermabrasion Tip exfoliation and Vacuum stimulation, designed for home use Dermabrasion Tip exfoliation Gentle, non abrasive exfoliation to allow for smoother, fresher skin Vacuum stimulation Helps stimulate for smoother; more youthful looking skin Assists in improving skin tone, texture, and elasticity Assists … Continue reading Silkn ReVit Microderm System

Oh la la Capri Vince Camuto

Capri Vince Camuto Cupid came early this year, and he did not disappoint. Well, actually it was the Fedex guy lol! But it was love 😍😍 at 1st smell!! Capri Vince Camuto is such a yummy fragrance. Oh la la was my initial reaction!!! I promise will not want this scent to disappear.¬† And … Continue reading Oh la la Capri Vince Camuto

Artistry at The Makeup Show Orlando

Airbrush & Special Fx at The Makeup Show Orlando Hey there Beauties!! I recently got the opportunity to go to The Makeup Show here in Orlando. There were soo many talented artists at the always! I always make it one of my top missions to capture as many pics of the artistry on the … Continue reading Artistry at The Makeup Show Orlando

OFRA Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks (w/Swatches)

Guess what's only 10 days away....The Makeup Show Orlando!!! And I've been working on my shopping list since the last show loll. Can you tell I'm excited!!! So I thought this would be a G-R-E-A-T (in my tony the tiger voice)¬†time to post swatches of a few of the liquid lipsticks that I picked up … Continue reading OFRA Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks (w/Swatches)