Belli Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen

It’s a Happy Friday on the Glamisphere!! And what a week it’s been! Here’s a product that I recently received for review, and decided to try it out under my makeup just to see how well blended in with my makeup.

Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen

……is an oil free formula that uses only trusted mineral sunscreens (specifically zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) to provide Broad spectrum SPF 25 sun protection.20150623_105333.jpg

  • Allergy tested and free of parabens, BPA, phthalates, and artificial dyes.
  • Lightweight oil-free formula. May be used alone or under makeup.
  • Easy to use airless pump.
  • Lightly tinted to blend in and also multi-tasks to provide moisturizing benefits with richly humectant glycerin.
  • LactMed screened to avoid ingredients that may be harmful if passed through in a mother’s breast milk.20150623_105435.jpg

Truth On The Glamisphere:

Wellllll, I actually had to try this sunscreen out a few times. I was having mixed feelings about its “tinted” protection. I like it…But I don’t!! Here’s why…..

Application #1: Before applying my makeup, I applied sunscreen all over sparingly, but enough to cover my face. Next, I applied my makeup as usual, and finished off the look with a setting spray. My look made it allllll day with no signs of oil. 

Application #2: On this particular day, no makeup was worn. However, I still followed my normal skincare regimen. Later followed by an application of sunscreen, since I was planning to go to the Farmer’s Market. Hmmmm, I’m not sure what happened lol, but there definitely a change in my skin tone. Believe me i  rubbed it in well, and it just wasn’t working for me. But it’s not a no for me….

In “my” opinion, this sunscreen should not be worn ALONE on caramel to darker skin toned women and men. My reason is due to its blowy-sparkly look that causes us to look bit “ashy”. However, i would still use this sunscreen under my makeup when worn. It was lightweight, and didn’t cause my skin to get oil as the day went on nor did it affect the makeup application.    

Product Size: 1.5 oz
Cost: $24.00
Purchase In-stores/Online:, Buy Buy Baby, A Pea In The Pod Maternity, and other fine retailers nationwide

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