Frends with Benefits

Frends Beauty did it once again this year at The Makeup Show. They had some suppeeeerrr sales and giveaways going on at their booth. I absolutely love this company. They have quality products at amazing prices. 75% of the items in my Pro Makeup kit are purchased from Frends Beauty. They never disappoint, and because of that we’ll always be my Frends with Benefits loll!!

Frends with Benefits programs:

Makeup lovers and enthusiasts

Discount: 10%

Industry Professionals(PRO)

(Makeup artists, cosmetologist, Esthetician, etc)

Discount: 10-40%

Purchase Online/In-Store: Frends Beauty

Have any of you beauties shopped at Frends Beauty before?

“Glam is Fierce on the Glamisphere💄”

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