Smell me…It’s National Fragrance Day!

I could not let the day end without acknowledging such a good-smelling occasion...National Fragrance Day! My addiction to fragrances use to be really bad. I had an entire shelf of fragrances, and 2nd shelf  full of scents from Bath & Body Works smh. I've since put a halt on adding more to the collection....for now (maybe [...]

10 Things To Know About Southern Women’s Show

The Southern Women's Show Orlando is such an eventful show. So many things to do, and its a great way to meet other women (some men get dragged out there.. smile) from all over. The show is a lot fun, and I have never left without a smile on my face and goodies to take [...]

26th annual Southern Women’s Show 2016

Southern Women's Show It's that time of the year again ladies!! You know the time of year  when women from all over get together to socialize, learn the tricks to extreme couponing, get a facial, and shop till you drop. Oh and you must not forget about the awesome show the Orlando Firefighters put on every [...]

Welcome to the Glamisphere!!

I'm so excited that is now LIVE!! I couldn't wait any longer to introduce her to the cyber world. I welcome you to the make yourself comfortable on the Glamisphere while I share just a few details. Who wouldn't want to learn about that one place where Beauty Fashion AND Lifestyle Revolve...come!! Glamisphere will focus [...]