Temple Balm I WONT live without!!

Eden Body Works Peppermint and Tea Tree Temple Balm

I rocked my “mini“..”small enough”…lol…2-strand twist for about 3-4 weeks now. And boooy did my scalp start itching like no tomorrow. It  began to itch soooo bad, that I was thinking of shaving all of my hair off….just for that moment for some relief. It was only a thought lol! I was going to just take the twists out, when I suddenly remembered that I received an amazing  product in one of my curlBoxes….Eden Body Works Peppermint and Tea Tree Temple Balm…that would definitely solve the problem!!

Truth On The Glamisphere

I like to describe it as a “menthol stimulator-exfoliator for the scalp”. When you slide your finger(s) into the jar, the balm has a somewhat hard and grainy texture. However, when u place it onto your scalp it goes on like butter and gives you instant relief. It’s 911 in a jar!!! I’m so addicted to it, that I keep it in my bag that I take with me everywhere….and I do mean everywhere!!! Lol

Purchased Online/In-Stores at: Sallys Beauty Supply

Have any of you beauties tried this product out ?? 
“Glam is the Fierce on the Glamisphere”

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