Virgin Hair, Anyone???

L to R: Indian Natural Straight, Malaysian Body Wave, and Brazilian Natural Straight

Virgin Hair

In the hair industry, many hairstylists and consumers continues to trend especially on social media. I see alotttttt of posts about hair bundles available for purchase or images of final looks after install.

I remember one of my gal pals telling me that she only buys Virgin hair now, and had purchased some Brazilian hair that she had been wearing for months. I was shocked at how good the hair looked for her to have had it in for months. She went into detail about the cost for a bundle of Brazilian hair, and how she maintains it in order to keep it looking “new-new” as she put it….lol.

Honey Belle Beauty Virgin hair

Indian Straight Virgin hair

Malaysian Body Wave Virgin Hair

Brazilian Deep Wave Virgin hair

Brazilian Curly Virgin hair

Interview with Honey Belle Beauty’s Owner, Rod T

What made you start Honey Belle beauty
Rod: I was paying attention to society’s supply and demand. So why not open a business that is always in such demand.

How did you come up with your business name?
Rod: My great-grandma’s name is Carrie Belle. So I added a southern touch to it…and I named it Honey Belle Beauty.

How do you advise your customers to care for their Virgin hair?
Rod: When any of my customers purchase from Honey Belle Beauty, I advise them they have just purchased a good quality of virgin hair. They should treat it as if it grew from their own scalp….shampoo & condition it, color it (ex: Ombre), and style accordingly {some can be straightened). The texture and quality of the hair will never change. I tell them with the proper care the hair can be reused for months.

Do you deliver your products to “local/surrounding area” customers?
Rod: Yes, we offer delivery services to our local customers in Palm Beach county and surrounding areas. All other areas, can purchase directly from our website in which we offer various shipping options.

At the moment, customers can purchase the virgin hair extensions on your website. Do you plan to open a store in the near future?
Rod: Yes, initially I decided to launch Honey Belle Beauty online, and then in the near future work on opening an actual salon and storefront. So stay on the look for Honey Belle Stores coming to a city near you!

I personally consider purchasing quality hair a worthy investment, since it can be reused as long as its cared for properly. Remember the saying: You get what you pay for! With that being said, why not invest in “quality virgin hair”!!

Purchase at: Honey Belle Beauty 

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