Welcome to the Glamisphere!!

mmuihdheader990I’m so excited that Glamisphere.com is now LIVE!! I couldn’t wait any longer to introduce her to the cyber world. I welcome you to the make yourself comfortable on the Glamisphere while I share just a few details. Who wouldn’t want to learn about that one place where Beauty Fashion AND Lifestyle Revolve…come on…smile!!

Glamisphere will focus on:
Beauty | Makeup▪Skincare▪Nails▪Haircare▪Beauty Tools▪etc

Lifestyle | Life(as a blogger-makeup artist-migraineur)▪In Trend▪DIY▪How-Tos▪Favs▪Health▪etc

Fashion| Accessories▪Kicks▪etc

So be sure to stay connected to the Glamisphere….you never know what may be revolving around in this brain of mine!!!

“Glam is Fierce on the Glamisphere”

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